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Tours to lake Baikal

1.    Bus tour to Listvyanka village

 The village stretches for 5 kilometers along the lake. In Listvyanka you can see the opposite shore of the lake Baikal – snow tops of the mountain chain Khamar-Daban (the distance between the shores is 40 kilometers). From the viewing point you can see an astonishing spectacle – the source of the river Angara and the Shaman rock. According to the legend, a grey-haired old Baikal threw this huge rock in pursuit of his rebellious daughter Angara. The Baikal Limnological museum is located in Listvyanka. The museum’s collection presents the flora and the fauna of the region (there is a developed tourist infrastructure in the village: hotels, restaurants, cafes, banyas and saunas).



 2.    Bus tour to the museum of Architecture and Ethnography “Taltsi”

The museum’s territory is 67 hectares. It contains a unique collection of historical and architectural monuments describing the life of people in Eastern Siberia in the XVII-XXth centuries. The museum is considered to be one of the five biggest open air museums in Russia




4.   Tour to the Olkhon Island (en route: 8 hours by bus and 7 hours on a special boat)


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The Olkhon Island is a historical, geographical and sacral center of the lake that is why this island is considered to be the heart of the lake Baikal. There are a lot of legends and traditions connected with the lake, for example, the legend about Buryat people’s origins. Mongolian shamans found here a real shelter during Genghis Khan’s ruling. According to the legend Genghis Khan had his camp on the Olkhon Island. This island is unique as a natural monument of the lake. Tour is organized for 3 days and more.

5.   Train tour on the Circumbaikal Line

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 The Circumbaikal Line was constructed by the order of the emperor Alexander III. The first train arrived in Irkutsk in 1898. Nowadays the Circumbaikal Line is a tourist and museum complex. The tour is organized in a special train equipped for traveling along the shore of the lake Baikal. The train passes through 39 tunnels and 16 galleries. Before the revolution the Circumbaikal Line was called “a golden buckle of the Russian steel belt”. The word ‘buckle’ was used to show the fact that Circumbaikal Line connected the Trans-Siberian Railway disjoined by the lake Baikal. And the buckle is golden because it was the most expensive construction in comparison with all Russian railways. Tour is organized for 2 days (1 night).





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