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City Tour programme

All city tours are mostly organized for groups (according to the pupil’s desire and choice) and are accompanied by teacher’s, guide’s and interpreter’s (if necessary) comments.

1. Sightseeing bus city tour

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Places to visit:
* Historical place where Irkutsk fortress was built
* The Church of Our Savior (Spasskaya Church) (1701-1710) – the oldest architectural monument (nowadays the department of the Irkutsk Museum of Regional Studies)
* The Cathedral of Epiphany (Bogoyavlensky cathedral) (acting cathedral built in Siberian baroque style)
* The Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption of Our Lady (built in neo-gothic style)
* The memorial “The Citizens of Irkutsk in the Great Patriotic War (World War II) 1941-1945”
* The central square with major architectural monuments
* The mansions of Irkutsk merchants-millionaires
* The Omen Cathedral (Znamensky monastery), acting cathedral – the residence of Irkutsk Archbishop (there are the graves of Grigory Shelekhov (a famous Russian traveler) and Ekaterina Trubetskaya (Decembrist Trubetskoy’s wife) within the cathedral’s territory)
* Karl Marx Street, Gagarin Boulevard, Lenin Street – the most beautiful streets in Irkutsk
* The monument to the emperor Alexander III, by his order the Trans-Siberian Railway (1898) was constructed
* and other sights of Irkutsk


 2. Excursion to the Trubetskoy house and to the Volkonsky house museum

Originally Siberia was the place of exile and penal servitude. In different periods of time Irkusk was the residence for exiled Decembrists, polish rebels, narodovoltsi (members of the movement “Narodnaya volya” (People’s will)), Bolshevics (I.Stalin also visited Irkutsk), Japanese prisoners of war. Among settlers exiled in Irkutsk were outstanding figures of Decembrist movement – N. Muraviyev, S.Trubetskoy, S. Volkonsky.
3. Excursion to the Irkutsk State mineralogical museum named after A.Sidorov

The museum is located in the building of Irkutsk State Technical University. Its collection began to form in 1930. Nowadays the museum is one of the five best mineralogical museums in Russia.  

4. Excursion to the Irkutsk Regional Art museum named after V.Sukachev

Irkutsk knew “its own” P.Tretiyakov – V. Sukachev (1849-1920), a famous merchant-patron of the arts who gave his collection to the city. Nowadays the museum’s collection includes more than 14 000 works of art.

5.  Excursion to the museum of Regional studies

It is one of the oldest museums in Russia, its construction began in 1782. This museum displays the history of our region from the Paleolithic till now. The museum’s collection includes the objects of Russian orthodox worship, Shamanism and Lamaism, weapons and different clothing accessories and ornaments (more than 300000 exhibits).

6. Excursions to some other museums of the city




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