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Living Accommodations
The Language center "Lingua-Baikal" values the wishes of its clients, and offers several accommodation options:
1.    Family home stay
2.    Apartment Rental
3.    Hotel
4.    Student Dormitory

Because we consider ourselves responsible for your comfort, we ask that you notify us regarding your choice of accommodation at least ten days before your arrival in Irkutsk. 

Family Home Stay
We recommend this choice if you wish to quickly acclimate yourself to the Russian language, because constant contact with native speakers in a natural environment assists in the development of your communication skills.  Besides that, in the mind of scientists, such close association brings about cultural interaction.  You are provided with your own room with a bed, table, and television.  You have the option of receiving breakfast and supper.  The location will not be far from the school.

Apartment Rental
This choice of living is best for those who prefer the company of friends; the rent of a two- or three-room furnished apartment can then be shared by two or three people.  There will be at your disposal utilities (electric and water), appliances, kitchen, bathroom, and furnished  rooms.  The location of the apartment will not be  far from the school.

There are several hotels available in the downtown area:  The Angara, The Intourist, The Europe Hotel, and others.  The cost per room varies by season: $68 per day and up.   The rate includes breakfast, cable television, and telephone service. 

Student Dormitory
Your accommodations include a room with a bed, table, television, and wardrobe cabinet.  The bathroom and kitchen are shared by two or more rooms.



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