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Educational Programs
The educational programs of the Language center "Lingua-Baikal" are formed in accordance with the requirements and demands of the Russian State higher education standards for Russian as a foreign language (general knowledge of  RFL).  Just as the state system of RFL is multi-level, including general knowledge of elementary, basic, first, second,  third  and fourth  certification levels, and consequently, the educational programs of our center reflect corresponding levels.  Each level introduces its minimum vocabulary, grammar, and all types of communication exercises: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  
Our method of teaching is Communicative.
At the beginner level of study (from zero), we offer an intensive course in practical Russian (elementary and basic levels).  At the advanced level from the first certification level, we introduce these aspects of study: Practical Speech, Practical Grammar, Business Russian, Journalistic Language, Russian Speech Etiquette, Functional Styles, Russian Literature, Synopses of Special Literature, Audio-visual Course, Practical Phonetics, and others.  We also offer our students a special course,  "Welcome to Siberia," based on the study aids collectively developed by Irkutsk university professors under the edition of T. V. Bronskaya, L. I. Zakharova, and S. A. Liatti.  This special course includes multicultural information on the history and development of Siberia.  Our students have the right to choose their courses.



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